March, 2020

The balance sheet of most organizations around the world face revenue and overhead risk right now.

Innovation is the only way to keep the organization together, thus reducing mass layoffs. But organizations are not ready to do Organizational Innovation, and yet employees only need a signal, a call to action, to find innovations around the organization, just waiting to happen.
Organizational Innovation as an internal capability is used to mitigate this balance sheet risk we face right now and is a critical capability, facing the future.

Organizational Innovation is employee-driven internal innovation. It's how business leaders can work with the organization's natural innovators within a set of processes and systems, to create internal value.

Organizations around the world are always running improvement projects. Organizational Innovation is an environment in which to run these improvements.  It is both a space of empathy and the harnessing of neural innovation cycles to create innovations in all aspects of an organization, using the OI Value Chain: DESIGN, TRANSFORM, SCALE.

After working with Stanford University, we put design-thinking at the forefront of coaching OI, which every manager and business leader can learn. The 'Success Journey of The Employee', using empathy really helps to identify, design, transform and scale internal innovations.

OI Can be used to make improvements to policy, process, governance, reporting, technology and any other part of an organization, across the organization, extending to customers and the supply chain.

Organizational Innovation is leveraged to highlight use-cases for new technologies. After all, it's not the IT department who knows what everyone does and where to innovate. Coaching OI includes a range of technology introductions and practical, experiential understandings of these new technologies. When employees are coached in OI, then they are likely to, using their natural thinking, identify use-cases for new technologies.

About OI

Empathy-powered employee innovations can be the greatest value-add to the organization.  But we believe that mostly, it has yet to be understood and leveraged.

Based on experiential learnings and observations of how iconic organizations in Silicon Valley work, Organizational Innovation offers an empathic approach and internal value-chain to achieve similar levels of internal innovation capabilities.

Learn OI. Live OI. Coach OI.

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